How to Counter Our Stress Triggers?

Make a plan to counter your stress triggers. 

Triggers are pretty straight-forward (procrastination, overeating, not being able to get up in the mornings, etc.), we typically know what they are, but we don’t make a conscious plan to counter it.

It’s the equivalent of knowing when the volcano will erupt, seeing the smoke, but not doing anything about it.

Let’s fix that!

Three step process:

(1) Do something to make yourself happy. 

Change up your mood by doing something that you enjoy. The activity will give you hope that things will be all right.

Successful people love exercise, meditation, yoga, playing with their kids, a hobby, etc.

Me? I like to dance in the shower to a motivational song. Right now, my top three are: Light it up (ft. Nyla & Fuse), by Major Lazer, Scars to Your Beautiful, by Alessia Cara, and Fly (ft. Fabolous) by Jessica.

(2) Then, write the reason why you’re stressed down. 

When I was in elementary school, I used to stressed out about not eating my lunch fast enough. I was so worried I would miss tag.

(3) Finally, play time traveler. You are five years older, and you have a message for your younger self, what would you say?

If I could go back to elementary school and walk up to the small girl nearly choking on her food as she tries to get it down quickly. I would tell the sweet little thing, “HAHAHA, you’re so stupid.”

Just kidding, I’ll tell her with a smile, “You have a life time of play in front of you, so take it slow.” 🙂


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