When I first heard about Brad and Angelina breaking up, I initially thought, “B**** deserved it.”

Then I thought about the situation some more and it occurred to me that, I was being sexist…

Here’s why:

The FIRST thought that popped to mind was Angelina deserved it. What about Brad? No one seems to care that he was the one that actually hurt Jennifer NOT Angelina. Only people you care for and love can “hurt” you. (Ideally, no one can hurt you unless you give him or her that power. Happiness is a choice. But let’s face it, biologically, we seek acceptance from others for survival reasons.)

The same thing occurred with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky! Bill’s still consider a reputable man! Monica? Hell no. “She’s a whore.” Technically, the person that actually BROKE marriage vows is Bill not Monica. Yet, we punished the woman.

The allocation of responsibility is all screwed up! For example: You gave your toy to your brother, Bob to borrow. He goes over his friend’s house to play. Her name is Amy. They play with the toy.

Then Bob and Amy broke the toy, and they didn’t tell you for a week. When you finally discovered the toy is broken, you’re only upset with Amy, but not Bob; whom you entrusted with the toy.

What do you think?

pic credit: (Photo: Charles Sykes, AP)


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