Breastfeeding And Having Sex, WOW-Never Thought I’ll Come Across These Two Words In ONE Sentence (18+)

I was cruising on BuzzFeed when I saw a post titled, “This Woman Has Been Having Sex While Breastfeeding And People Are Like “Whaaaaaaa?”

“Tasha Maile — known as The Spiritual Tasha Mama online — is a breastfeeding advocate whose frank and uncensored videos have received hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.” -BuzzFeed Mike Spohr 

WOW. A lot of people seemed disturbed by this. The minority support it. And some are YOLO about the whole affair.

Instead of jumping into the society implications of the act and how women sexuality can be argued here, all I could think of was… how did she do it? How can one have sex while a baby have its mouth on your nipple?
Then I caught myself. Who cares? Honestly, this was a waste of time.
This was definitely a shock factor but at the end of the day, how many mothers would be doing this and why should I care?
I highly doubt the baby would be harm by seeing this. I know of children, say from the conscious age of 8 to  24 years old, that caught their parents in the act and besides being totally grossed out. They’re fine and I’m happy to report, still great functioning people of our society.
Thus, I want to delete this post, but instead will publish it, because I already spent time typing it up, with a writer’s dream that somehow during the writing process, my mind can offer any insight into the situation. Instead, the sad reality was that, I just fell prey to a clickbait article that exposed me to something totally weird, yet socially useful.
After sipping my wine, I can always nod knowledgeably and say, “Yes. Yes, I saw that article. I agree, she’s very weird. TMI, right?” And then, the group and I will slowly laugh.
What do you think? I hope you’ll agree with me because to discuss over this would kill me.

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